The Ultimate Guide To Electric Razor Shopping For Women By A Woman!

electric_razor_shoppingSorry if the title confused you!

This guide is actually for women who are buying electric razors for their fellas, husbands or maybe even dad.

Before I list the very best electric razors of 2016, I wanted to give you all a little bit of piece and mind and reassurance!

I know shopping for electric razors can be a rather daunting task. The technology – triple blade, double blade, rotating quadruple blade – I mean wtf does that actually mean!!

The following features were very helpful when I purchased the best electric razor for my husband:

· Power Options. 

Rechargeable battery powered model is convenient since there is no need to plug the electric razor to the power point.

· Low Battery Warning.

A charge indicator when the battery is low.

· Power Cord

This is a useful feature if you one forgets to charge the battery.

· Automatic Shutoff

The charger should shut automatically when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging usually reduce the battery life

· Ease of cleaning


The best electric razor should have a self-cleaning system that uses sanitizing liquid that is usually pumped through the cutters.

· Wet and dry options.

Can be used while in the shower or one can use oil to reduce irritation.

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