It’s Official I Hate Women’s Clothes

hate_womens_clothesOne of the things that make women clothes annoying is the ultra-thin fabric that they are made of thus they end up being too cold when worn, fuck!

You can easily freeze to death. Then the super-thin cloth doesn’t last long and you are forced to keep replacing the damn thing!!

It’s get so annoying when I’m with my girlfriend; I end up carrying extra stuff because her jeans are so tight making the pockets smaller, I end up being the purse. Its bullshit to put decorative pockets on the ladies pants, and other messy decorations like buttons and fucking flaps.

weird_womens_clothesAnother stressing thing with women clothes is that they are too cold. I hate cold and would not want to freeze to death. This has nothing to do with the fabric the damn clothes are made of but the exaggerated styles that involve exposing much flesh.

Some sleeves are nasty short, the boobs don’t look good in them!

Another disturbing thing is the arbitrary sizes that come with the clothing.The sizes in most trending outerwear are amazingly meaningless and lack logic.Its too frustrating for ladies with big asses because the pant that are short end up fitting them but show up underwear when they bend over slightly. all things makes me hate women’s clothes!

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