The 6 Best Selling E-Juice Flavors Of 2016

I love to vape! There you go I admitted it!

I vape at work, in the bath, in the car and a lot when I’m at the mother in laws!

I’ve tried my fair share of flavors over the past year, some have literally blown my mind (in a good way) while some have had me rushing to an area where I was able to spit out the disgusting taste in my mouth!

In this article I wanted to spread some vape juice love among my fellow vapers 🙂 and list the 6 best E-liquid flavors of 2016…….

1.ANML Looper E-Liquid

Looper is the most recent expansion to the developing e-fluid line by ANML. Looper offers an astoundingly sweet yet firm flavor by joining fruity oat and velvety milk.

2’Boss Reserve E-Liquid by Attwood


Ever pondered what it might feel want to vape brilliant nectar Graham and cooked nuts? Indeed, you don’t need to consider any longer, as Boss Reserve by Attwood is here, which is essentially the Jack Daniels of vaping.

3.Cereal Milk E-Liquid by Kilo


Oat Milk is a nostalgic mix of grain and smooth cream that will take you back to your younger days when cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner was perfectly normal!. Make a point to experiment with different heavenly breakfast enlivened flavors by Kilo!

4.D’ohnuts E-Juice

donuts-ejuiceThe D’oh nuts E-juice pays reverence to the dearest Homer Simpson. Each breath in feels like you has recently had an iced strawberry doughnut with strawberry jam, while each breathes out will leave a smooth delayed flavor impression.

5.Muffin Man E-Juice by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid


Another prominent flavor by One Hit Wonder, the Muffin Man has a tart apple flavor with rich, warm biscuit connotations.

6.Bad Blood by Bad Drip


Bad blood is a colorful mix of wild blueberry and invigorating pomegranate. The flavor kicks in the right from the primary breathe in, while a smooth vanilla trailing sensation will play with your taste buds on the breathe out.

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