Setting Up the Perfect Guest Room

Setting Up the Perfect Guest Room

Setting Up the Perfect Guest RoomSetting up a guest room is something that gets overlooked; the room becomes the catchall for out of season clothes and miscellaneous bric-a-brac.  Don’t despair it doesn’t have to be that way, you can take that space and turn it into something wonderful.  The best part….it’s easy and fairly inexpensive to make it happen.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room that’s okay you can use these tips to create an inviting space in any room in your home to make your guests feel welcome. Here it is: Setting up the perfect the guest room in a few easy steps.

Make it Comfortable

Start with the right bedding, bedding is a big deal.  If you’re creating a temporary guest room and using and air mattress throw a piece of memory foam on the top.  It increases the comfort factor by a million percent.

Choose some comfortable sheets, my two favorites are a really soft flannel or a high quality t-shirt material.  Throw in one of those lush white bathrobes usually found in a hotel and it will add a big level of luxury, a couple of scented candles and you’re all set.

Make it Practical

Start with the basics, put together a basket of the essentials, include towels, toothbrushes, tooth paste, toilet paper and tampons.  If you have ever had to ask the front desk for anything when you’ve stayed in a hotel that’s what you want to include.   Leave some hangers for your guests clothes and throw in a blow dryer, everybody needs a blow dryer.

Stick a post it note somewhere where your guests will see it with your Wifi password.  On that note if you have a choice between putting in a desk or a dresser, go for the desk.  Guests rarely use a strange dresser but they will use your desk to get some work done.

Add some treats, there’s a reason hotels put chocolates on your pillow.  If you’re guests are bringing their kids then put in some kid friendly snacks without sugar, but the grownups can have a sweet snack or two.

Make it Personal

You can make the space inviting and FUN, don’t let it be some generic guest room that your 10 year old nephew stays in and your 80 year old granny.  Use some quirky features or some bold and bright colors to liven the room up.  Check out some funky decorating ideas on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.  For some more guest room ideas here is a video from HGTV to help.

You can seriously up your hostess game by giving your guest room a little love.  Create a cozy space that feels like home and makes your guests feel welcome.

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