Early Signs And Symptoms You Are Pregnant Before Missing A Period

Many women won’t realize they are pregnant until they miss a period, while on the other hand, some may know it as soon as they conceive.

These are the early signs and symptoms of being pregnant before period or before taking a test or spotting a week before period:

pregnant1. Very slight pain when urinating, especially in the early morning or at the first urination after waking from sleep.

2. Lower back pain when you get up from a chair or a bed or even lower abdominal pain similar to the premenstrual pain especially early in the morning and late night.

3. Excessive sweating, especially on the forehead or excessive heat and feeling heaviness of your body.

4. Tender and sore breasts or highly sensitive nipples.

5. Dizziness, fainting, depression, boredom and shortness of breath and sometimes slight nausea.

6. Some women suffer from headaches during early pregnancy because of the high levels of pregnancy hormones in the blood.

7. Too much sleep or insomnia.

8. Loss of appetite and aversions to certain types of food especially milk and eggs.

9. Sensitivity to smells from perfumes, soap, cigarette smoke and other things, which is a known sign of pregnancy.

10. The weakness of the desire for sexual intercourse, body weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, frequent urination

Other signs are bloating and uncomfortable feeling in the stomach and sometimes gasses or very slight darkening of the skin.

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