How To Get Rid Of Mice

Mice intrude households in search of food, so the best way of mice removal is by luring the mice with food. You can lure them with food in spring loaded traps, glue traps etc. However, while catching them you must be aware that they are visiting your house in search of food, and they have no intention of harming you. So you should only catch them and relocate to distant places.

Professional mouse catchers are best

To catch rodents you need to be aware of their food habits and life cycle.

The best rodent removal company are experts in catching the rodents and are very well aware of their food habits and life cycle. So it is always advisable to hand over the task of catching the mice to a professional mice removal service.

How to get rid of mice in walls

Seal all entry points

The first task is to seal all the entry points to your house. This will ensure that new infestation does not take place as you go on removing the pest from the wall one by one. Mice have very strong teeth and jaws.

They can enlarge even a dime of a hole in the wall or roof of your house to wriggle through it. So every hole should be properly sealed. Even the entry points of service lines like electricity and water facilities connecting to your house should be properly sealed so that the mice cannot scratch at them and make way into your property.

You can set up one way exclusion funnels in the primary entry points. You can also place mouse traps at these points.


Whether you are placing mouse traps at the entry points or throughout strategic points of the house you should place suitable baits.

Peanut butter makes good bait for mice. Use a number of simple spring traps to trap several mice hiding in wall interiors. Keep them at strategic locations, preferably close to the walls, overnight and find them trapping mice in the morning.


Trap and relocate the mice to distant places until you can hear no more scratching, gnawing or clawing sound at night. Once you are sure that there are no more mice left in the house decontaminate the attic and other places and remove the rodent droppings.

Tips And Tricks To Help Fix The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Home ownership can be a beautiful thing. Fixing up things around the house to make it look nicer can be fun.

Eventually, however, there will come a time when every homeowner runs into a plumbing problem. This can be a major headache and a dent in the wallet if the individual has to call a professional to fix the clog or leak. By knowing a few simple tricks, anyone can save money by fixing their own clogged toilets or leaky faucets.

Know Your Pipes

pipesKnowing what type of piping that is used in a home is crucial. State building codes can stipulate the different type of pipe material for various applications. Rigid copper pipe, for example, is usually used on residential homes. Rigid copper cannot be bent and must be soldered at joints with special tees.

Soldering Techniques


The most common mistake when beginning to solder is not making the inside and outside of the pipe perfectly clean. It should be scrubbed shiny, bright with an emery cloth. Once the ends are cleaned, apply heat only to the fitting. This causes the solder to be sucked into the fitting and makes a more solid joint.

Fixing Leaks

fix-leakFixing a leak in a copper pipe is relatively simple. First of all turn off the water supply at the main. Then, track down the leak and allow the pipe to drain. Cut around the site of the leak with a tubing cutter. Prepare both pipe ends for soldering and then attach a union to them. The union is simply a larger copper pipe that will fit snugly over the existing one. Often, condensation will be mistaken for a leaky toilet. A simple way to determine whether or not it is a leak is to add food coloring to the basin.

Clogged Drains

clogged-drainA slowly draining sink or shower can be a real annoyance. This is usually due to sludge building up in the plumbing system over time. The only way for a homeowner to deal with this problem short of calling a contractor is to use a snake. This long metal wire is flexible and able to turn the tight corners of pea-traps in drains.

Clanging Or Hammering Pipes

When pipes make a loud hammering noise when the toilet is flushed, it is usually caused by pressure building up in the plumbing system. Sometimes the hammering can turn into a loud clanging and is very annoying. By turning down the pressure at the stop-valve, a homeowner can stop this from happening.

With older houses, plumbing problems can be a major issue. With old, sludge filled pipes, clogs and slow draining sinks and showers start to become an issue. Still, with a few tips and tricks anyone can save a little money before calling a reputable contractor like Snowman evaporative cooler services

Setting Up the Perfect Guest Room

Setting Up the Perfect Guest RoomSetting up a guest room is something that gets overlooked; the room becomes the catchall for out of season clothes and miscellaneous bric-a-brac.  Don’t despair it doesn’t have to be that way, you can take that space and turn it into something wonderful.  The best part….it’s easy and fairly inexpensive to make it happen.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room that’s okay you can use these tips to create an inviting space in any room in your home to make your guests feel welcome. Here it is: Setting up the perfect the guest room in a few easy steps.

Make it Comfortable

Start with the right bedding, bedding is a big deal.  If you’re creating a temporary guest room and using and air mattress throw a piece of memory foam on the top.  It increases the comfort factor by a million percent.

Choose some comfortable sheets, my two favorites are a really soft flannel or a high quality t-shirt material.  Throw in one of those lush white bathrobes usually found in a hotel and it will add a big level of luxury, a couple of scented candles and you’re all set.

Make it Practical

Start with the basics, put together a basket of the essentials, include towels, toothbrushes, tooth paste, toilet paper and tampons.  If you have ever had to ask the front desk for anything when you’ve stayed in a hotel that’s what you want to include.   Leave some hangers for your guests clothes and throw in a blow dryer, everybody needs a blow dryer.

Stick a post it note somewhere where your guests will see it with your Wifi password.  On that note if you have a choice between putting in a desk or a dresser, go for the desk.  Guests rarely use a strange dresser but they will use your desk to get some work done.

Add some treats, there’s a reason hotels put chocolates on your pillow.  If you’re guests are bringing their kids then put in some kid friendly snacks without sugar, but the grownups can have a sweet snack or two.

Make it Personal

You can make the space inviting and FUN, don’t let it be some generic guest room that your 10 year old nephew stays in and your 80 year old granny.  Use some quirky features or some bold and bright colors to liven the room up.  Check out some funky decorating ideas on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.  For some more guest room ideas here is a video from HGTV to help.

You can seriously up your hostess game by giving your guest room a little love.  Create a cozy space that feels like home and makes your guests feel welcome.