How To Tint Your Car’s Windows – Video Guide

Before you decide to tint car windows, check with your local state laws for any prohibited shades and gradients.

You will need the tint, ammonia water, soapy water in a spray can, a steel cutting blade, and a microfiber towel.

Start by generously applying the soapy water with the spray can on the outside of the car’s window.

Decide which side of the tint is adhesive.

Spread the tint on the side of the window you have just sprayed with water and ensure the tint’s adhesive side is facing towards you.

Spread the tint evenly and use the steel blade to cut it along the corners of the window.

Next, spray the inside part of the window with the soapy water.

Peel the adhesive release of the tint and spread it with the adhesive side facing the window.

Use a flat object like a credit card (wrapped with tape) to spread the tint. Repeat the process on all windows you want to tint.

That’s exactly how you should tint car windows.

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