Welcome to Habanero-Hamburger

My name is Elise and I am the beauty and brains (I use that term loosely) behind this blog.  I write about everyday lifestyle tips and tricks that anyone can do.  All practical advice, you don’t have to be rich or crazy creative with a glue gun to pull it off.

The average woman can have a beautiful inviting home without selling her soul to do it.  I am not Martha Stewart (lordy how I wish) but I can pull together a decent dinner where everyone likes the food and there’s enough linen napkins for everyone.

Why “habanero-hambuger” it represents taking something perfectly bland that you use everyday and turning it into something hot, spicy and flavorful.  That’s how I want my life to be.

Welcome, thanks for stopping by hope you enjoy the posts and feel free to drop your 2 cents in the discussions.

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